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Survey of open source PDF solutions

Rendering, creation, and manipulation

Michael Vrhel
Presenter: Michael Vrhel
Language: English


The presentation will first provide an overview of the current active open-source projects that deal with PDF rendering, creation, and manipulation. We will be looking at the activity of the projects (i.e.
frequency of commits, number of contributors, history, etc.)
We will also look at the platforms that the projects build on, the language used, the existence of other language bindings, the API, the existence/level of documentation.

All these projects will be compiled (when appropriate) and the rendering performance tested on a select set of Ghent/Altona test files. Comparisons will be made in terms of rendering time, memory usage, and accuracy of output.

Current plan is to look at the following projects: pdfium (Google), iTEXT, poppler (Xpdf fork), Ghostscript, MuPDF, PDF.js, PDFtk, TCPDF, OpenPDF, and possibly more.


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