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How PDF Forms With Barcodes from Datalogics Can Improve Efficiency In Education Fields

Lindsey Schroeder // August 12, 2021

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I think it’s safe to say that we have all filled out a form online, from filing our taxes to filling out a survey. Digital forms make collecting and storing data easier than paper forms. In today’s world, it is more convenient and easier to create a digital form, especially if you have large groups of people filling out your forms. With many people heading back to school soon, after a very unpredictable year with still many unknowns, making the data collection process easier in education fields (especially digitally) is more important than ever. Colleges and universities rely heavily on digital forms because they collect valuable information from students, applicants, alumni, and staff. Some of the most common forms that campuses use are:

  • Scholarship Application Form
  • Application Admission Form
  • Library Item Hold Request Form
  • Recommendation Form
  • Interview Evaluation Form
  • Event Registration Form
  • Course Evaluation Feedback Form

When you have a multitude of forms and people filling out those forms, it is important to have a standardized PDF form solution that makes it easier to manage and streamline them all, across all platforms and users.

Barcodes in Forms

I think it has already been established that digital forms make life easier to collect data, but when you are constantly receiving data from a variety of places and have a huge database, adding barcodes to your forms makes it even easier to store and organize all of that data. Barcodes help you save time and help eliminate data-entry errors, and can help administrators in education get their jobs done quicker with less manual labor.

Datalogics In Action

At Datalogics, we know a thing or two about PDF Forms, and that is why people come to us when they need help with their digital forms. We recently worked with a University that needed to use PDF forms with QR Codes for thesis registration in their Business Information Systems department. The thesis registration form is filled by about 200 students per year, so they needed a reliable tool to help create and implement dynamic barcode generation to handle all of the data. That’s where we came in, and our Adobe Experience Reader Extensions (AERE) tool helped create and implement barcode generation in their PDFs to help register all of their students seamlessly.

AERE allows you to assign reader enablement rights to your PDF forms document. When you open the PDF form in Adobe Reader, the software turns on forms management features that are normally turned off. One of the main features allows Adobe Reader to update the barcode field found on the form document.

We offer a variety of tools when it comes to working with and managing PDF Forms, but when you need help with barcode generation in PDF Forms we have two tools that can help you, AERE and PDF Java Tool Kit. If you work in the education field and need to find a solution for collecting all of your data efficiently, visit our website!

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Lindsey Schroeder

Lindsey is a marketing professional with over 10 years of experience working with small and large companies alike. She is passionate about telling stories and connecting with others through digital channels.


Lindsey Schroeder

Lindsey is a marketing professional with over 10 years of experience working with small and large companies alike. She is …