PDF Digital Signatures TWG

The PDF Digital Signature TWG was created to meet the needs software companies who are creating PDF signing software or need to rely on signature validation software.

The existing ISO standards for PDF (ISO 32000-2) and PDF/A (ISO 19005-1,-2, -3) specify the integration of a digital signature in the PDF object structure and focus more or less purely on the PDF point of view.

The implications of various signature types were originally specified via RFCs and PKCS standards. In the meantime the most comprehensive specification is the ETSI standard PAdES (ETSI EN 319 142-1, ETSI EN 319 142-2 and ETSI EN 319 142-3) which itself is derived from the underlying CAdES standard.

As PDF can be regarded as the dominant document format for document digital signing the various features possible within PDF signing like timestamping, serial signatures and certification signatures together with the complex handling of validating a multiple signed PDF document generates a demand for clarification and interpretation of the actual specifications. This forms an essential part of the work to be done within TWG DS.

Another goal should be to collect requirements and discuss new feature requests for future enhancements of the official standard specifications as a sort of feedback of the practitioners and the PDF market.

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Bernd Wild
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