PDF Days Online 2021
PDF Days Online 2021

PDF Days this year is online-only. Technical Days sessions range from September 27 – October 18 at 1600 and 1700 CEST, Solution Days sessions (most …



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Interview with Dietrich von Seggern, CEO of callas software, about PDF Days Online 2021

Dietrich von Seggern, CEO of callas software, discusses his session “Archiving email – as PDF?” in which he shares the findings from a University of Illinois / NARA / Library of Congress paper.

Dietrich von Seggern

Emails for eternity

callas software’s Dietrich von Seggern explains how PDF/A can be used to archive emails and their attachments.

beige envelopes floating to laptop and smartphone to show archiving email

Doing PDF right

Doing PDF right means being aware of errata for PDF 2.0. With over 65 issues now resolved and approved by the PDF Association’s PDF TWG, the body of knowledge in the “PDF Issues” GitHub repo is already significant.

Screenshot of a PDF issue 9.8 Font descriptors some text crossed out other in green that is being inserted

Announcing iText DITO 2.0: raising the bar for data-driven, template-based PDF generation

The iText DITO Manager brings a workspace control room experience and a central repository for all your templates, data collections and resources.

DITO 2.0 Release Image

New release of our PDF library: iText 7 Suite 7.1.15

This second release of 2021 brings many important improvements to the iText 7 Suite, including the introduction of flexbox support in pdfHTML, better SVG mapping, improved performance of the layout module for large block elements, and much more.

New release iText 7 Suite 7.1.15

PDF at Work, Standards – Podcast series

Podcast part 1 talks about PDF standards in general. Part 2 discusses PDF/A for long term archiving and part 3 is about Accessibility and PDF/UA.

Carsten Heiermann

callas software releases pdfaPilot 10.2

callas software today released version 10.2 of its pdfaPilot product line, which supports the only-just-released 64-bit version of Adobe Acrobat for Windows.

Scan documents to FineReader PDF 15 with a mobile device

Meet Release 8—enhanced with new and improved features including a mobile integration, Redact feature with added option to remove sensitive information against a list of keywords and improved Digital Signature Support

Available Now: Free Software Trial of DocBridge® Document Viewer, the Universal Viewer for Documents of Any Size and Format

The software is freely scalable and can therefore be quickly and easily adapted to the current situation depending on the volume of documents and number of users.

Defining dynamic workflows with MadeToPrint’s token engine

The powerful MadeToPrint token engine allows you to set up variable output workflows. There are almost no limits to configuring tailor-made process steps.